happy birthday saga! have a fancy patron troll

Blue starfish shrimp by Luko Gecko

By tangledYARNS on Ravelry.

just telling you all, the ones who reblog for me to doodle them, i’ll be working on those on sundays because i’m trying to slowly get myself into a schedual for my drawing so i stop slacking.

so don’t worry i haven’t forgotten, i’ve saved the images of your trolls with your usernames so that i can track you down once i finish them


when your muse is really horny and you’re just like


Le Bien Qui Fait Mal by Mozart L'Opera Rock || Times played:34

full size/readable chart here
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i’ve been seeing a lot of mbti charts for series, but there’s no sonic ones!! i attempted matching the relevant characters to types that best fit (which is difficult because a lot of them arguably shared types!). these probably aren’t 100% accurate but it’s for fun!!